Many of us think that civilization is at a new and significant crossroads. A point of embarkation into a future yet to be determined.
This site introduces a new creative work and book in progress.
I moved to Mexico from the United States and shortly thereafter met Ana Espino, the subject and inspiration for this work. You can read more about me and that move here.
The stories currently visioned are going to be introduced here in a serial format. For now they will be available to our audiences free of charge. Once we have the site and its navigation operating smoothly and the content taking shape we will convert the site for members only and require a small monthly subscription fee to access the ongoing serialization of the stories. These funds will be used for ongoing research with Morelian colleagues and for further development and maintenance of the site. The present intention is for the ultimate publication of a book with a leading global publisher.
I study daily to learn Spanish. It is coming together slowly but surely. I am writing in my native American English. Thanks to Google Translate these pages should be easy to translate to Spanish. On ultimate publication of the book we intend to publish it in both Spanish and English. Subscribers to our site at that time will receive a signed limited addition of the book by both Ana Espino and me.
We are creating a Contact Us page and invite you to submit your ideas and content there. We are also creating a Contributors page that will acknowledge and reference their input both on the site and in the book.
Godspeed to us all in this exploration and development!

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